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Testing & Certification


Determination of liberated Nickel: 

The use of this metal is limited and regulated for products in direct and prolonged contact with skin. Jewelry, belt buckles, buttons, watch strap but also piercings and metalic eyeglass frames are applicable by the European Directive 94/27/CE of June 30th 1994.

The samples are analysed  according to  EN 1811 or EN 16128 and the maximum accetable limits are :

  • Object in contact with skin : 0.5µg/cm²/week
  • Piercings : 0.2µg/cm²/week
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Precious metal characterization & composition:

Equipped with a X-ray fluorescence spectrometer (XRF), our laboratory is able to provide tests to characterize metal materials, analyse the composition of alloys and accurately measure the thickness of metallic coatings.

Aging of metals and coating : our Know how

  • Corrosion resistance to Hydrogen sulfide, salted water and thioacetamide.
  • Salt spray test.
  • Humid heat test.
  • Concentration of toxic heavy metals

    The  RoSH European Directive  (2002/95/CE) limits the concentration in lead, mercury, chromium VI and cadmium in the electrical and electronic equipments. Our measurements are fastly realized thanks to the XRF technique.