Testing & Certification

Identification of materials

Fibre de cachemire
Fibre de laine
  • Textile materials 
    • The labelling of the composition of textiles and regulated by text No. 1007-2011.  
    • Our laboratory is able to identify the majorities of the 45 listed materials such as natural, artificial, synthetic fibres etc. 
    • Analyses are carried out by unravelling or de-weaving, followed by one or more selective chemical dissolutions. The proportions are calculated in relation to the anhydrous masses with a precision of 0.1 mg because textiles naturally absorb more or less moisture. 
    • Mixtures of hairs such as wool (sheep) and cashmere (goat) are technically more difficult to analyse. It is necessary to take many readings under the microscope.
  • Leather articles 
    Determination of the species, finish and labelling of footwear.

  • Synthetic materials 
    • Our infrared spectrometer is calibrated with an extensive library of reference spectra. 
    • Pure solid, liquid or pasty materials or mixtures are identified within a few minutes with good reliability.
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