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Testing & Certification


Certain analysis are required by the regulation on bedding articles (Decree n° 2000-164 of 02/23/00 relative to the security of particular bedding articles)

Our laboratory offers you a sets of services in order to cover you from a poor quality or non-compliance risk.

  • Composition analysis NF EN 12131 07-1998  The regulation require a precise labelling of the feathers and down percentage.
  • Fat content NF EN 1163 01-1997  The fat content is an indicator for cleanliness and can also be the origin of bad odors.  It is noted to have a percentage between 0.7% and 2%.
  • Oxygen Index NF EN 1162 01-1997 The Oxygen Index determination quantifies the organical materials at the origin of bad odors. The european regulation requires a number below 20.
  • Turbidity NF EN 1164 12-1998 The turbidity determination quantifies dirts and dusts. The aim of this test is to mesure the transparency of an aqueous extract. In Europe, it's right to have a minimum of 300 mm.
  • Microbiological state NF EN 1884 12-1998 Microbiological state enable to quantify  the amount of colonies from a sample after culturing. It should not exeed cfu for MacConkey and 10 cfu for CLED.