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The recent growth of electronical cigarette in France and in Europe is at the origine of a regulatory process (European Directive 2014/40/UE) and standardization within the AFNOR. These regulations and guidelines are intended to regulate the market and to ensure the consummer safety. The tests that we offer at SMT Laboratory  are part of this approach. It enables manufacturers, distributors and retailers to verify the harmlessness of their products and to test the  compliance of their  materials according to the regulations and standards to be published.

Because your time is precious, SMT offers a declaration service.


05/20/2016:  Two regulations has been published 


Decree of may 19th 2016 relative to the vaping products  containing nicotine.


Order n° 2016-623 of may 19th  2016 transposing the 2014/40/UE directive regarding the manufacture, presentation and sale of tobacco and related products.

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08/29/2016: Our vaping robot LabVap is available.